Out of Your Mind

Out of Your Mind

Out of Your Mind is an arcade game with a very original theme
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Out of Your Mind is an original arcade game in which you must clean the brains of the guests of a famous spa from harmful tiny things called nega-tics. In order to eliminate them, you have to trap them by drawing a line matching the color creatures and making a loop to finish the line. The creatures will keep on coming until the gunk is gone, so to finish a level you will first have to clear all the brain gunk. This gunk is eliminated by creating loops surrounding it, so you will have to make your loops as large as possible in order to clear as much gunk as you can. The loop must be empty of Tics and mental blocks to be created. There are different types of tics, which are responsible for causing different brain problems to the patients, such us the chaotic, the neurotic, etc. All of them have distinctive colors and funny shapes. Also, there are exploding tips, which if not eliminated on time, they create colored gunk that can only be eliminated by the tics of the same color. There are also other creatures called mega nega-tics, which are living clusters of dense brain gunk. These are harder to eliminate and require you to floss one or more nega-tics and then loop around the mega tics. What is more, you will also see other creatures called posi-tics which are like angels and perform helpful brain functions. in order to activate them, you just have to floss them when they appear and wait to see their good effects, which are all different.
The gameplay is really very creative and original. Graphics are cartoonish and colorful and the music and sound effects are perfect for the game.
All in all, if you are looking for an original and enjoyable arcade game, you should definitely try Out of Your Mind.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Funny theme.
  • Colorful and attractive graphics.
  • Original and creative gameplay.
  • Two modes


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